Web methods available

  • CompleteResults
    This method processes researcher results using the Convergence Research result objects. Results are returned to the caller as ResultResponse object.
  • Complete_HR_XML_Result
    This method processes an HR-XML 2.4 compliant result a researcher has completed. When the result document is validated and committed, an appropriate xml response denoting the failure or success of this operation is returned to the caller.
  • GetOpenWork
    This method allows you to retrieve or search for open work. The status of the open work can be filtered by passing a 'ListFilter'. The output of the returned list can be either HR-XML, Convergence Research format or PDF (returned as a base 64 string).
The Convergence Research Client Web Service is a private service intended for use by clients of Convergence Research, its partners, researchers and affiliates. All usage is monitored and logged and misuse of this service may result in crminal prosecution.