Web methods available

  • GetScreeningUpdates
    Retrieves any screening status updates
  • RetrieveResults
    Returns one or more completed results filtered on the 'ResultsFilter' argument. Filter conditions are additive and move from least restrictive (empty or null) to most restrictive (ScreeningID). For example, if the method is called with no filters set, the method will return all results with a status of 'NEW'. If the filter is set to status of 'NEW' and a reference number of 'xxx', only search results that satisfy both conditions will be returned. The returned format can be specified by the 'ReportSettings' argument and is returned to the caller as a xml string with the result payload as a CData section.
  • RunQuickPastScreening
    Runs a QuickPast National Database search and returns the results.
  • SubmitCVFormatRequest
    Submits a Convergence Research formatted request. The returned response is either a 'RequestSuccessful' or a 'RequestError' object.
  • SubmitRequest
    This method submits a research request document to Convergence Research for processing. The 'SubmitScreeningSettings' allow you to specify the format of the payload. NOTE: If you are sending a 3rd Party payload, the acknowledgment string is always formatted in the 3rd party acknowledgment format. The return value is an xml node (string) acknowledging the receipt of the requests.
The Convergence Research Client Web Service is a private service intended for use by clients of Convergence Research, its partners, researchers and affiliates. All usage is monitored and logged and misuse of this service may result in crminal prosecution.